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Who are we? 

When we say we are a small family business, we mean it! 


Hot Chilli Mama was established by Hot Chilli Mama, Hot Chilli Son and Hot Chilli Daughter as a way to combine our love of chillis with a desire to help our kids develop a small business to earn pocket money. 


Since those humble beginnings it has grown leaps and bounds, yet it remains a family business with the Hot Chilli kids still an integral part.


We believe the key to making the best chilli products is to use the finest quality ingredients.  We believe that if you want to do something, do it properly.   We don’t take short cuts at the expense of quality and that’s why we grow our chillis and much of the fresh produce that goes into our products.  There is simply no comparison to a home grown chilli.  


Growing the best chillis possible is a year long process and requires dedication   It begins in autumn, after harvest, when we replenish our soils with organic compost and green manure and give them a good rest so they are ready for the next crop.  During winter we propagate ready for spring planting.  We harvest long into summer.  Then it all starts again.  After harvest it's all hands on deck as we create our chilli sauces, salsas, jams and other chilli products.  It’s truly is a labour of love. 


We hope that when you taste our products, you will also taste the love and effort that has gone into both growing and making these products.

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