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Looking after our land

At Hot Chilli Mama we have a commitment to sound environmental management and we take it seriously. 


We grow based on organic principles which not only ensures our chillis taste great and are nutritionally packed, but also protects and enhances our land and the natural systems that support it. 


Our chillis are grown in rich soils, as nature intended and fertilised only with organic fertilizers and compost with the help from mother nature and our hard working worms.  We don’t use any chemical sprays or fertilisers.  We rely on nature to deal with any pests and diseases through a combination of both companion planting and encouraging a rich diversity of beneficial insects and reptiles which effectively deal with unwanted guests.   This way you can be assured that what you get is as close as nature intends it to be. 


We have learned from experience that when we look after our land, it looks after us and rewards us with the most wonderfully tasting and nutritionally packed chillis that you will find.    

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