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So how do you know how hot our products are?  Well, that’s simple!  Refer to these icons on each bottle.  

At Hot Chilli Mama we never go for heat above flavour.  We want to take your tastebuds dancing.  That's why we create a range of products with differing heat profiles.  Some are mild and some have extreme heat, yet the one thing they all have in common is well developed flavours so they compliment what you are eating, rather than overpower it.  


Be assured, the heat of our products comes the chillis alone. We don't use any extracts.  The  heat level so you get comes from the real chilli so you get an authentic experience.   

We  are confident that there is something for every chilli lover.


So, how hot is hot?


Extreme Heat

WARNING! You will feel serious heat. 

Burning Hot

You will feel the heat. 

A Slight Kick

A chilli hit without the fire.

A light kiss 

Chilli tang without the bang.

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