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It's all about the chillis

Welcome to Hot Chilli Mama, a boutique chilli business based in the foothills of the Otway Ranges, Victoria.


We have one mission!  Simply, to produce the finest quality chilli products possible using a wide range of chillis from around the world.

For us, it is all about the chillis.  Our products are intended to introduce you to a wide variety of chillis and showcase the uniqueness of each, both in terms of heat and flavour.


Don't worry if you don't like it hot, we have a range of heat profiles.  So whether you only like it mild or you really like to test your metal, we have something for you.  

All of our chillis are grown by us, on our farm and we are committed to keeping it real.  No additives, no artificial preservatives, no colours.  Be assured, you are getting the highest quality products that we can provide.


If you interested in what we are doing, you can also read our blog which provides you with more information about our products, our chillis and how we grow our chills. 


You can also buy from our online shop.

And remember, chillis are not so much a food as a state of mind.  So come on a journey with us to the wide world of the not so humble chilli. 

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"The Chilli Oil is amazing! I put in my eggs every morning!💥"



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