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What do we do with all those chillis?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

We use every single one of them!

We grow our own chillis for three reasons! Firstly, so we can guarantee the finest quality and freshest chillis go into our products. Secondly, so we have access to a greater variety of chillis; and lastly, we just love doing it.

We grow over 35 varieties with heats ranging from mild all the way to the hottest in the world. Each year we select a range of chillis to grow, some new - some regulars. Each specifically selected for its distinct characteristics in terms of heat, heat profile and flavour. Check out our 'Our Chillis' page if you want to see our chilli range.

It's then into the kitchen where we cook up a storm experimenting with new recipes. Each chilli is teamed with other ingredients that complement its characteristics to create a range of products that showcase each, with an emphasis on balancing heat and flavour. We do mild to wild and there is something for everyone.

So far our range includes sauces, jams, oils, pickles, chutneys, salts; even confectionary. We've got plenty of ideas for extending this range too.

We are very proud that in our first year our four entries into the 2019 Australian Food Awards received one Gold and three Silver Medals. This confirmed for us we're doing something right. We've set the bar high for ourselves now.

Through these blogs we will showcase our products and how we and our customers like to use them. We invite you to share with us how you like to use them too. People surprise me all the time. I never thought of putting chilli jam on bacon - amazing.

Also, as we introduce new products we will launch them on this website. We will also be offering some samples for review. So if you're interested in sampling our new ranges, just sign up for our newsletter where we will announce these offers.

So until next week, I'll say goodbye. Got quite a bit of cooking to do. And got to keep Hot Chilli Daughter under control, she's dangerous with sharp implements.

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